VLW.BET Casino Founder on The Biggest Challanges for Crypto Casino Owner

Today, we were lucky enough to talk to Mal Teser, who is the founder and co-owner of the new crypto casino VLW.Bet. In this interview, Mal shares the biggest challenges he faced on the way to launching an online casino and gives us a sneak peek at how a crypto casino works from the inside.

Special thanks to the users of the BitcoinTalk forum who helped to compile the questions for this conversation.

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Last Updated: March 23, 2024

VLW.BET Founder Q&A

Interview with 
a crypto casino owner Mal Teser

Before we delve into the intricacies of crypto casino operation and business, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

How and when was the idea of launching your own crypto casino born?

What were the struggles you faced during the launch?

How much investment is required to launch your casino?

Quotes from casino owner Mal Teser

What did you spend most of your budget on during the launch?

Does your brand have investors? If so, tell us briefly about them and how you got them involved in the project.

Tell us a little bit about your team. Is it big?

How would you describe the first couple of months of the operation and how difficult it was for you at the beginning?

What's the biggest challenge you face during the operation?

Crypto gambling is a tough business, and today's competition is higher than ever. How do you plan to stay in the game?

What makes your brand stand out from the competition?

Quotes from casino owner Mal Teser

Many players are worried about KYC because they think that some casinos are stalling for time, asking for ridiculous documents to make players simply spend their wins. So, what is actually required for KYC?

How do you store and keep safe documents provided by players?

What marketing channels do you use to attract new players and increase brand awareness?

Which of these channels is currently the most effective?

Have there been moments or cases when someone won an amount that led to almost complete bankruptcy? If not, what was the biggest win of a single player?

What types of games are the most popular among players? What games are the most profitable for a casino?

Have you ever encountered scammers or bonus abusers? How do you track the players' suspicious activity?

You know that many players are superstitious. And they think that casinos can change the payout settings of games at their discretion. What would you say to this?

Quotes from casino owner Mal Teser

This is another quite popular question that worries players. Is there a certain percentage of winning rate for players per day?

Let's talk about responsible gambling. What tools does your casino have to help problem gamblers?

In your opinion, is there any effective mechanism for stopping problem gamblers that casino owners have not yet implemented?

Being a crypto casino owner must be very stressful. How would you describe your work? How do you manage to avoid burnout?

Quotes from casino owner Mal Teser

Do you plan to invest your profits from a casino to invest in a business from another niche?

Tell us about your future plans for the development of VLW Bet. There are several goals for the near future and a few more ambitious ones.

Finally, would you like to convey any message to your potential clients?