Minding The Data

Minding The Data began exploring the math behind online casino games in 2020, and has shared the findings on YouTube, focusing on topics such as gambling, sports betting, and lotteries. Now, he writes for Bitcasinosrank.com to share the knowledge with our readers.

Last Updated: July 02, 2024

About Minding The Data

Minding The Data gained experience with probability and statistics during undergrad, and began working on projects in areas of interest during free time. He then began turning these exploratory projects into YouTube videos to share with others interested in the same topics. Minding The Data continues to explore new casino games, breaking down the math and helping others understand the risk/reward trade offs of these games.

Minding The Data's Experience

  • Studied Statistics, Probability, and Data Science
  • Created YouTube Channel to share projects, now with 60,000 subscribers
  • Works as a Data Scientist
  • Author at Bitcasinorank.com

Interesting Facts about Minding The Data

  • Favorite Type of Gambling: Sports Betting
  • Favorite Book about Gambling: Fortune’s Formula: The Untold Story of the Scientific Betting System That Beat the Casinos and Wall Street


Languages: English
Skills: Probability Theory, Statistics, Programming, Data Science
Gambling Experience: 3+ years

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